Winner wins half the pot! 50% if present, 40% if not present

The drawing is every Monday night at Khalil’s on Dixie
10966 Dixie Hwy.

  1. A game board containing 54 cards (numbered and sealed face down) purchased from a certified gaming vendor will be displayed at Khalil’s in a secure case with the Queen of Hearts as the “Jackpot Card”
  2. Tickets are $2 each with no limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased. All tickets sold are single stub tickets so you must print your name, phone number and CARD number to turn over on the back of each ticket. Once the correct information is written on the ticket, return it to the bartender OR person running the Queen of Hearts for that drawing, to be placed in the raffle cylinder.
  3. If you will NOT be present for the drawing and NO card number is written legibly on the ticket drawn from the cylinder then a random number will be chosen to be flipped from the board on your behalf.
  4. The Queen of Hearts drawing will occur every Monday evening at 8:30 with one card being drawn each Monday starting April 30th at Khalil’s 10966 Dixie Highway, Louisville KY 40272. If the Queen of Hearts is NOT chosen by the holder of the ticket then the prize money will be carried over to the following Monday, all the tickets will be removed from the cylinder and be destroyed according to the KY. Gaming Commission and new tickets will be sold for the drawing on the following Monday.
  5. If a blank ticket is drawn from the cylinder, then a second ticket will be drawn from the cylinder immediately. The second ticket will proceed as the same rules from #4 above.
  6. If your name is drawn, the card number written on the ticket will be flipped. If the card flipped is the Queen of Hearts, the winner will receive fifty (50%) of the jackpot IF PRESENT, IF NOT present for the drawing the winner will receive 40%. The remaining portion of the funds will remain with Shirley’s Way.
  7. Additional prizes will be as follows for players who are PRESENT for the drawing ONLY: JOKER: $50 – FACE CARD or ACE – $25.
  8. Each card selected and turned will have the winning ticket attached and that card will remain on the board exposed for the duration of the game. Once the “Queen of Hearts” is selected, the board will no longer be in play and will be placed in storage, with the winning tickets according to the Ky. Gaming rules. A new board will be placed in play.
  9. Each week, after the drawing, all non-winning tickets will be removed from the cylinder and destroyed per Ky gaming regulations.
  10. All WINNERS are responsible for any taxes. All prizes will be paid in check and the winner will be issued a W2G (1099). NO prize will be paid until the W2G (1099) information is completely filled out. If a WINNER is unwilling to fill out a W2G (1099), the prize will revert back to Shirley’s Way.
Shirley’s Way is a non-profit 501c3 90-1024077 Gaming License # ORG0002527
PRIZE MUST be Claimed within 30 days after the day the winning ticket is pulled. Unclaimed prizes from Queen of hearts will be donated back to Shirley’s Way